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Sundaily Essentials, Part 2: How do these things work?

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This post is part of a series where we’ll walk you through “Sundaily Essentials”- a set of brief, zero-BS, what-heck-is-going-on-here posts which answer the most important questions we get about our alternative approach to healthy, glowing skin.

In this special series of posts, we’ll walk you through “Sundaily Essentials”- a set of brief, zero-BS, what-heck-is-going-on-here posts which answer the most important questions we get about our alternative approach to healthy, glowing skin.

In the first post in this series, we talked about why we’re focused on environmental stressors, and why an ingestible approach is so key if we want to truly do right by our skin over the long term.

In this post, we’ll explain what makes our gummies tick.

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So how do Sundaily gummies work?

At Sundaily, we’ve developed a two-part gummy system that fights environmental stressors: the external hazards that cause free radical damage to skin (see What are environmental stressors, anyway? for more on these skin hazards).

While both gummies offer significant benefits for skin health and appearance, together they pack the biggest punch.  So let’s take a look at each in turn.

The Base Layer: Your daily skin health defender.

What it does: Backed by decades of skin research, The Base Layer is the foundation of your ingestible skin health and anti-aging routine.

From Day 1, this gummy helps boost your skin’s natural ability to fight free radical damage and resist the effects of UV light, smog, and stress on your skin.

What’s in it:

sundaily ingredients polypodium leucotomos and vitamin d3

240mg Polypodium leucotomos extract: A fern native to the Amazon packed with powerful antioxidants to help resist free radical damage.

This little fern extract is our choice for fighting back against environmental stressors and oxidative harm.

20mcg Vitamin D3 (from lichen): An essential nutrient for skin health that supports your skin’s ability to resist environmental stressors like UV light. Vitamin D deficiency affects an estimated 1 billion people worldwide. Americans, in particular, seem to be chronically low in this essential nutrient.

Choosing to supplement with a vegan Vitamin D option like the one found in The Base Layer solves an important conundrum.

For more info how these ingredients work, check out our blog article, How do antioxidants for skincare work, anyway?. It covers some of what’s going on inside The Base Layer in more detail.

The Back Up: Your daily skin rewind.

sundaily back up gummies

What it does: Now that you’ve added The Base Layer, it’s time to rewind the clock and reduce the signs of skin stress and aging that have already appeared.

By strengthening your skin at the cellular level, The Back Up helps fight free radical damage, minimize fine lines and wrinkles, and improve discoloration, all while promoting healthy skin.

What’s in it:

Astaxanthin: An antioxidant that guards against free radical damage at the cellular level while fighting the signs of aging.

Astaxanthin belongs to a class of antioxidants called carotenoids. Carotenoids are known for their bright red-orange color, which is what gives “high antioxidant” foods such as salmon and tomatoes their color. We get ours from freshwater algae.

We packed The Back Up with astaxanthin because its powerful free radical-busting compounds perfectly complement The Base Layer. Astaxanthin helps The Back Up reduce the look of existing fine lines and wrinkles, support skin elasticity and hydration, and improve skin spots.

Regardless of which product you’re taking, our gummies are made to be convenient and delicious. Take one a day, every morning - it’s that easy.

Stay tuned for our final installment of Sundaily Essentials: What Sundaily is all about. We’re looking forward to telling you a bit more about us!

As always, we love questions - so just shoot us an email at help@sundaily.com if you have any!

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