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Sundaily Essentials, Part 1: Why we put skincare in a gummy

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This post is part of a series where we’ll walk you through “Sundaily Essentials”- a set of brief, zero-BS, what-heck-is-going-on-here posts which answer the most important questions we get about our alternative approach to healthy, glowing skin.

In this special series of posts, we’ll walk you through “Sundaily Essentials”- a set of brief, zero-BS, what-heck-is-going-on-here posts which answer the most important questions we get about our alternative approach to healthy, glowing skin.

We started Sundaily with a clear mission: healthy #skinfromwithin.

There are a million and one products out there promising beautiful skin. But here’s the thing: beauty starts with health. We founded Sundaily because we needed better ways to keep our skin healthy.

That’s what our gummies do: from the inside out. Welcome to healthy #skinfromwithin!

First up in the Essentials: what the heck is ingestible skincare?

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What is ingestible skincare?

We know that ingestible skincare - and more specifically gummy skincare - is new for many of our customers. So first up, we’ll be answering a common question: why did we put skincare in a gummy?

When we say “ingestible skincare” we’re referring to any product we eat or drink that cares for our skin. If you think back, you’ll probably realize you’ve seen these products in the aisles of your favorite stores. A collagen powder, a skin-improving pill, even a probiotic targeting skin health. Ingestibles are catching on!

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The facts are this: 90% of avoidable skin aging is caused by free radical damage from the sun, stress, and smog (read on, we promise we’ll explain!). And while modern life means you can’t avoid these daily stressors, you can fight back.

Unfortunately, most existing skincare products stay right where you put them - on the skin’s surface. But free radical damage takes its toll on our skin at a deeper level - where typical products often can’t reach.

Instead of staying on the surface, our antioxidant-rich gummies rely on the power of antioxidant-packed botanical extracts to protect our skin.

That’s why our approach is #skinfromwithin. That’s why ingestible.

What are environmental stressors?

So now you know that Sundaily protects our skin from the inside out. But what do we really need protection from?

Sundaily gummies help us fight back against environmental stressors, the external hazards that cause free radical damage to our skin. There are six major sources of environmental stress:

sources of environmental stress

Each of these stressors takes its toll in the same way. They create free radicals, unstable molecules that damage our skin cells. These cause some major damage in the structures of our cells including DNA, proteins, and lipids. The result is what we all recognize as the visible signs of aging: fine lines, uneven skin tone, and wrinkles. Check out our blog post for the full run-down: “What are environmental stressors, anyway?”

To combat this damage, we need powerful antioxidants.

What are antioxidants for skincare?

Our body creates molecules and proteins, called antioxidants, to fend off the damage caused by free radicals and to repair what’s already been affected. Antioxidants react with free radicals to neutralize them.

Unfortunately, our modern lifestyles put a lot of pressure on our antioxidant stores. When environmental stressors build up and our antioxidant stores wear down, we can see the results in our skin.

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We know that typical products just don’t provide enough support. 

That’s where Sundaily gummies come in. Our gummies work from within to fight back against these external stressors with powerful antioxidants, promoting healthier skin. And when your skin is healthier, it looks healthier.

Want the full scoop? Check out “How do antioxidants for skincare work, anyway?”

In the next post in our Sundaily Essentials series, we’ll dig into what our gummies actually do and the evidence-based botanical active ingredients that make them work.

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Stay tuned!

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