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Why shouldn't I cancel my Sundaily subscription in winter?

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As we head into 2019, you might be tempted to cancel your Sundaily gummies subscription.

And we get it. Maybe you spent a little more than you budgeted for Christmas gifts. Or maybe “save more cash for travel” is one of your 2019 resolutions.

When cost cutting is on the menu, subscriptions are the first thing you cancel. And a product that provides sun protection might seem like the perfect thing to cancel in deep winter.

But before you hit that button, we’d like to enter a plea on behalf of your skin.

Together our gummies, The Base Layer and The Back Up, provide so much more than sun protection. Our power-packed active ingredients provide a boost of antioxidants to combat a wide range of skin stressors. That means Sundaily gummies are an investment in the health of your skin. The nasties that cause free radical damage and aging—we’re talking smog, stress, lack of sleep, and yes, sun—don’t disappear in the winter. And our active ingredients, PLE, and astaxanthin, combat them all.

In this post, we’ll make the case against pausing your subscription this winter. Because that glowing, healthy, smooth skin you’re looking for is a year-round accessory.

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First, let’s talk about the daily onslaught we ask our skin to put up with every day.

Free radical damage is the main way our skin is harmed by the environment. We know that the sun causes this type of environmental stress, but research has shown smog is another culprit of the visible signs of aging. 

We can put air pollution into two categories: particulate matter, and gases in the air, like ozone and nitrogen dioxide. A recent study strongly correlated particulate matter with skin tone abnormalities and wrinkles. Ozone has also been linked to wrinkles and reduces the levels of beneficial antioxidants in our skin.

If you’re living in a city, you should be worried about how the air quality is impacting your skin, year-round. According to this article from Dermatology Focus, 90% of the world’s population is exposed to unsafe levels of air pollution thanks to vehicle exhaust.

Curious about smog in your area? Get a real-time measurement of air pollution levels here and get an annual report for your home city or county here.


Unless you’re passing the holidays in a state of absolute calm, stress is a year-round problem as well.

Chronic stress is bad news. It’s known to exacerbate many skin diseases and contribute to skin aging, though it’s not totally clear how. Researchers think that when we’re always activating our stress response, we impair our immune system, which in turn means more free radical stress in skin cells. That leads to premature skin aging.

Some studies also link stress to impaired barrier function in the skin. That makes it harder to stay hydrated and keep out environmental toxins like chemicals and bad bacteria. 

For brighter, clearer skin, fight stress at a cellular level with antioxidants like our active ingredient, Polypodium leucotomos.

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It’s understandable that we assume our skin can’t be damaged by the sun in the winter, when daylight hours are so short we’ve invented a whole range of lamps to make up for their absence. Understandable, but totally untrue.

We need protection from two types of light on the UV spectrum, UVA and UVB.  In the winter, our exposure to UVB rays is lessened. But the exposure we do get is damaging. 

The really bad news is that UVA rays, the ones that cause more visible signs of aging like wrinkles and sun spots, are just as present in winter. They can even break through cloud cover and glass to bother you at your sunlit desk.

And that’s all assuming you spend all your winter months in cold climates—which we hope isn’t the case! Whether you’re dealing with bright light reflected off snow during a ski trip or soaking up the sun on a tropical vacay, chances are you’ll face some increased sun exposure at some point during the winter. And you’ll want to stay protected.

How Sundaily gummies can help 

Though it’s tempting to think otherwise, keeping up with free radical damage really is a year-round task. Luckily, Sundaily gummies are a simple and powerful solution.

The active ingredient in The Base Layer, Polypodium leucotomos, is packed with powerful antioxidants that help to combat free radical damage. The stressors mentioned above take their toll on the skin by increasing free radical stress in cells. Some, like ozone gas, actually deplete our own stores of antioxidants.

And for the visible signs

of aging that already show on our skin, we've introduced The Back Up. This unique gummy is your daily skin rewind, helping to fight free radical damage, minimizing fine lines and wrinkles, discoloration, all while promoting healthy skin.clouds on a blue sky

A Sundaily gummies routine helps combat and reduce the damaging effects of sun, stress, and smog at a cellular level. Free radical damage doesn’t take a break in the winter, so your antioxidant fighters shouldn’t either.

Start or renew your Sundaily subscription to give them a boost of PLE to help keep skin healthy year-round.

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