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Big News! Sundaily Is Now Part of Grove Collaborative

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Dear Sundaily Friends, Family, and Supporters,

When we started Sundaily (read: Sundots) over two years ago, we had no idea where the path would lead. We were (are!) two first-time founders following our best instinct that we had a thing. 

That “thing” was a fern extract from South America that protected your skin from the sun - with a whole bunch of legit science behind it. Crazy! “Somebody’s gotta make a product out of this, right?!” we said to ourselves… and to anybody else within a quarter-mile radius for the months prior to our launch.

It sounds cheesy, but we started this company with the goal of helping people by translating real science into products that people actually use. We’re proud of the impact we’ve had over the last few years. It’s time to take that impact to the next level.

Today we’re thrilled to announce publicly that Sundaily has been acquired by Grove Collaborative. Here’s why we’re excited to be part of the Grove family:

1. Like Sundaily, Grove is a certified B Corp. They walk the walk, as we’ve aspired to. We know our commitment to positive social impact will be not just preserved, but enhanced, by being part of the Grove family.

2. Grove is way, way bigger than Sundaily, and their subscription focus perfectly matches the way most of Sundaily’s customers like to get their gummies. This means we can get our products into the hands of way more people, way faster.

3. Grove is laser-focused on great products with a clear commitment to sustainability, efficacy, and accessibility. With this acquisition, we will both also be taking on advisory roles at Grove, helping them pursue new product development which is science-led and legitimately better than what’s out there already. We’ll be part of a much larger team with enhanced expertise and expanded resources.

That said, like so much of life, this change doesn’t come without tradeoffs. Here’s what will be different for Sundaily customers going forward:

1. Sundaily gummies will no longer be available via our own website. To buy our products, head over to Grove, effective today.

2. Any current Sundaily subscriptions will be cancelled effective today. If you’re a subscriber, you won’t be charged again, and you won’t get any more orders from our own website. If you want to subscribe, you can do so with Grove directly.

3. Any discount, feature, or benefit related to an existing subscription (like our featured brand sample program or semi-annual or annual subscription pricing) will also end effective today.

Our goal of helping people remains. In fact, we’ve made this decision very specifically because we believe Grove will unlock new opportunities to help people which we’d struggle to achieve on our own.

Thank you for your support over the last two years… and here’s to many more together going forward!




Did Grove get any of my address or billing information?

No. Grove will not have any sensitive information about you unless you choose to buy from them directly going forward (or have already done so in the past).

What will happen to my Sundaily subscription?

Your subscription has been cancelled. You will not be charged again and you will not receive any additional orders from the Sundaily website in the future.

I have an active discount applied to my subscription. Will Grove honor that discount?

Unfortunately not. Grove will be selling Sundaily gummies with a slightly different format (e.g. no subscription required for subscription pricing, no semi-annual or annual formats), so we’re unable to recreate your discounts when purchasing from Grove in the future.

What if I have another question that’s not answered here?

Please reach out to Grove's customer service team at help@grove.co and the Grove team will take care of you. You can also find other ways of contacting Grove here.

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