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No Such Thing As Too Much Sun Protection: Layering Up With Sundaily Gummies and Stream2Sea

No Such Thing As Too Much Sun Protection: Layering Up With Sundaily Gummies and Stream2Sea

Heads up! We’re in the process of an exciting rebrand, so while we transition, you may see “Sundots” and “Sundaily gummies” mentioned interchangeably throughout our site. Thanks for understanding!

When you’re getting ready for an outdoor adventure, you’ll have a lot to consider.

Maybe you’re picking out your swimsuit, chilling some drinks, or stuffing a sack full of snacks. But whether you’re planning to play in the water or spend an afternoon reading in the sand, sun damage can definitely put a damper on your outing.

That’s why we recommend taking a few minutes to make sure you’re staying safe from the sun before you head out the door.

Layering sun protection in the form of mineral sunscreens like Stream2Sea, UPF-rated clothing, and the oral photoprotective supplement in Sundaily gummies will keep sun damage from ruining your day.

Stay Protected with Sundaily Gummies and Stream2Sea

Outdoor adventures should prompt us to take a little more caution when we’re getting ready to head outside. Most of us automatically think of sunscreen when it’s blisteringly hot out. Let this feeling trigger your layered sunscreen routine (for more on the importance of Sunscreen, see Sundaily Myth Busters: The Real Deal on All Things Sunscreen)!

First, a mineral-based, reef-safe sunscreen like Stream2Sea is an absolute must on days like these.

Make sure you apply at least a shot glass worth of sunscreen to cover your entire body (yes, that much!), and reapply every 2 hours, according to the American Academy of Dermatology’s guidelines. Research indicates that most people don’t apply sunscreen correctly, and it’s extra important to check these boxes when you’re dealing with a lot of sun exposure.

Second, consider Sundaily gummies to add another “ounce” of prevention to your routine.

Sundaily gummies protect your skin from the inside out using Polypodium leucotomos extract (PLE), a fern extract backed by 30+ years of sun protection science conducted at top research institutions around the world, including Harvard Medical School.

While Sundaily gummies aren't a substitute for sunscreen, the evidence is clear from over a dozen human studies and decades of use: when taken as a vitamin, this fern can help your body resist the harmful effects of the sun. Sundaily gummies are designed to be taken once daily, about an hour or two before we head out into the sun. But on days when we’re spending a lot of time in the sun, a second gummy is recommended in the afternoon (see Sundaily 101—Part 1: How Do Sundaily Gummies Work? for more).

Finally, to prep for your outdoor adventure, make sure you remember to add a final layer of protection in the form of UPF-rated clothing, dive suits, and hats. These final layers of protection are especially important because unlike sunscreen, you can’t forget to reapply!

We love the idea that together, Sundaily gummies and Stream2Sea sunscreens make a great base for a sustainable sun protection routine you’ll actually want to stick with!

Layer Your Everyday Sun Protection, Too

We all know that sun damage is a possibility when we step outside for an adventure. But how might this look on days when we see less sun exposure?

Stream2Sea’s Tinted Sunscreen is an easy way to protect yourself from sun damage on a daily basis. Did you know that the skin-aging elements of UV light can actually penetrate the windows in our cars, office buildings, and homes (see What Parts of Sunlight Hurt Us? and How Does UV Radiation Harm Our Skin?)? Stream2Sea is also formulated with natural ingredients shown to be beneficial for skin health, such as Green Tea. Covering our skin with this natural-looking sunscreen before we head out the door is a smart choice.

Sundaily gummies create a second layer of protection from this skin-aging radiation. The truth is, we’re exposed to sun damage every single day, regardless of the weather or the time of year.

As a bonus, Sundaily gummies also include 800 IU of Vitamin D in every daily gummy—200% of the most recent recommended daily dose. This is vegan, lichen-based Vitamin D3, which helps promote bone and immune health. It’s especially important since we know most Americans are chronically low in Vitamin D.

One more reason to use Sundaily gummies even if you’re not adventuring outdoors: with continued use Sundaily gummies have direct skin beauty benefits, including improving skin’s tone and texture. When you’re crafting your morning ritual, don’t forget to add Sundaily gummies. Your skin will thank you!

The bottom line is that Sundaily gummies can help us create healthier sun protection habits every day, and protect our skin from the inside out. Layered with Stream2Sea tinted moisturizer or sunscreen, they provide a layer of protection we need, no matter the circumstances.

Start your Sundaily gummies routine today and make sure you’re protected!



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