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Sundaily 101—Part 4: How Do I Use Sundaily Gummies?

Sundaily 101—Part 4: How Do I Use Sundaily Gummies?

This post is part of our 101 Series, which breaks down some of the most common questions about Sundaily Gummies. Check out the rest of the posts in this series:


A gummy that protects us from sun damage? We know it’s still a novel idea.

After all, most of us grew up understanding that sun protection is only available in the form of sunscreen or physical barriers like UPF-rated clothing or an umbrella. Not so!

As we learned in Part 1 of our Sundaily 101 Series (Sundaily 101—Part 1: How Do Sundaily Gummies Work?), oral photoprotection is an additional, proven way to combat the sun’s damaging effects.

We know that a sun protection routine is crucial because harmful sun exposure is a risk every day: even on overcast days, even in winter. The best way to stay protected is by combining all the options we’ve got: sunscreen, UPF-rated clothing, and everyday Sundaily gummies.

But what do we mean when we say “everyday Sundaily gummies”?

If you’ve been wondering how to incorporate our gummies into your routine, this fourth and final post in our 101 Series is for you (if you missed the first three parts, check out Sundaily 101—Part 2: Isn’t Sunscreen Enough?, and Sundaily 101—Part 3: Are Sundaily Gummies Safe? as well!)

We’ll explore the best way to take Sundaily gummies on a daily basis, and discuss why it’s important to take a second gummy for extra protection on sunnier days.

How Should I Take Sundaily Gummies For Everyday Protection?

Take one Sundaily gummy daily an hour or two before you go out in the sun every day, whether it’s cloudy or sunny, summer or winter, to help protect from the damaging effects of the sun.

It’s important to take them regularly because the evidence is clear that we aren’t as diligent about sunscreen application as we should be. It’s also important that you take Sundaily gummies in the morning, or an hour or two before you head out into the sun, to make sure they’re as effective as possible. So even if you regularly take vitamins at night, make time for Sundaily gummies in the morning.

See Sundaily 101—Part 2: Isn’t Sunscreen Enough? to learn more about how Sundaily gummies keep us covered even when we think we’re protected by sunscreen.

Each Sundaily gummies gummy contains 240mg of PLE.

We based this dose on the highest-quality human studies of PLE, which used two 240mg doses of polypodium. Those studies also exposed participants to much, much higher doses of UV radiation than we’re likely to encounter on a daily basis.

So, for daily use, a single dose of Sundaily gummies —which contains 240 mg of PLE and 800 IU’s of Vitamin D—should be sufficient. Timing does matter, so take them in the morning before you head out into the sun.

How Should I Take Sundaily Gummies on Extra Sunny Days?

On super-sunny days such as when you’re at the beach, skiing, or golfing, the best evidence supports taking a second gummy midday - that’s why we include 36 in each monthly bottle.

The 240 mg dose of polypodium in each Sundaily gummy is the best for everyday use. However, some days are super-sunny, so it’s wise to double up! We know that 480 mg is best for super-sunny days because that’s a dosing that’s been commonly used in studies that simulated a high-UV day like a full day of beach fun or a long round of golf.

Of course, high-UV days require extra attention to the other aspects of our sun protection routines as well. Regardless of how many you take, Sundaily gummies are not a substitute for other forms of sun protection, and should always be used in addition to sunscreen (see The Best Organic Sunscreens of 2018 (Non-Toxic & Natural for some of our favorites!).

Remember to frequently reapply sunscreen in a thick layer, and turn to other forms of sun protection like hats and UPF-rated clothing to make sure you’re protected.

Building Sundaily Gummies Into Your Routine

Sundaily gummies are unique in their ability to protect us from sun damage from the inside out. Oral photoprotection works best when it’s taken regularly as part of our sun protection routine, and that’s why on most days, we recommend taking a single dose of Sundaily gummies before you head out the door.

Since Sundaily gummies aren’t a substitute for sunscreen, it’s important to include daily sunscreen application along with your Sundaily gummies routine—especially since we know that most people don’t apply sunscreen correctly. We recommend a mineral sunscreen for its safety and efficacy. For some of our favorites, see The Best Organic Sunscreens of 2018 (Nontoxic & Natural) and our guest post from Katie of Kitchen Stewardship on Our Favorite Mineral Sunscreens.

With Sundaily gummies as the base of your sun protection routine, you can build better habits, avoid sun damage, and enjoy the outdoors more safely for years to come.

Order Sundaily gummies today to start revamping your sun protection routine from the inside out!


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